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Magellan dubrovnik

At the restaurant Magellan Dubrovnik we are always re-designing new meals, follow trends, and keep in mind every detail that will contribute to the atmosphere and your experience. One of the things that always surprise our guests is our soups, especially pumpkin soup.


What is the secret?

Before the presentation comes the taste of the meal that will answer on the most demanding guest of Magellan Dubrovnik. Our chef makes a combination of several ingredients: creamy yoghurt, creamy oyster cream, marinated shrimp in fermented black tea and pancake powder. The goal is to enjoy the taste of drizzle, but also a very healthy plate.

After we took care of the taste, we could not resist making a presentation of this dish for the extraordinary. We will not talk much; it’s best to look .

And when serving is almost done, it usually disappears quickly from the plate.


Just want to emphasise one more thing, a delicious meal can be a healthy meal.

See you at Magellan Dubrovnik!


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