Restoran Magellan Dubrovnik

Nothing made people so happy as good food enjoyed in great company

Magellan restaurant

The famous quote says: “good food is good mood”! But nothing made people so happy as when it is enjoyed in great company. We at Magellan Dubrovnik will take care about good food, and you about a company. When it’s about a company, the primary challenge is to answer all request and find a vegetarian restaurant, meat, fish or fusion food restaurant in one. Magellan is not the strictly vegetarian restaurant in Dubrovnik, neither fusion restaurant in Dubrovnik but we take care to serve every appetite.

If you have vegetarian people in your company, he will enjoy creamy spinach risotto with kubaneh and pine nuts, then portobello mushrooms with tofu cream, chickpeas pillows, almonds sauce and balsamic vinegar caviar. For dessert, there is sorbet selection.

Meat lovers can decide for a three-course menu. For the first plate, we are serving pork belly. It is slow cooked, crispy skin, cucumber & spring onion, plum coulis sauce, lemon gel. After pork comes, lamb served with baked potato, garden vegetables, garlic & saffron cream, confit tomato, anchovies cream, rosemary sauce. In the end, you can enjoy chocolate fondant. Why it is such a famous dessert. The same option – the three-course menu is available as a fish variant. Oyster, mussels and razor clams come as appetiser slow-cooked sea bass in olive oil, crispy skin, potato & saffron espuma, swiss chard and dark fish sauce come as the main course.

There are always those who want fish and meat – for them, we prepared the tasting menu with octopus, ravioli, beef tenderloin as ginger white chocolate. As you can see, we made several options, so you don’t need to search for a vegetarian restaurant in Dubrovnik. Just come with your company, and we will take care for rest. Hope to see you soon.

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