Restoran Magellan Dubrovnik

Welcome to Magellan Restaurant

a place where each bite takes you to a different journey, a place made for those cozy moments in warm but also modern interior, a place that welcomes you for lunch or dinner, a business meeting as well as having a delicious meal and a glass of top quality wine with friends.

Who we are

At Magellan Restaurant we are always re-designing our meals, as well as keeping up with world’s ever-evolving gastro scene, while paying attention to the least detail that complements the ambience.

Since interesting flavour sensations reach their full potential when combined with the right wine, we’ll make sure to give you a best tip on choosing between different aromas, regardless of whether you want to try something from domestic or world wine scene.

why choose us

As we mentioned, we pay attention to every single detail, as well as cherishing our relationship with you, our guests.

In order to provide the best service, we adapt to your desires and tastes.

From the very beginning, we have set our standards high. Three values that sustain culture and further our quest to provide the best service to our guests are quality, accessibility and diversity.

1. Quality
We firmly believe that quality is never a coincidence but a result of an effort. It is a journey to our ultimate goal - a satisfied guest! We do not compromise when it comes to your experience, so we always make sure we give our very best when it comes to our ingredients, meal preparation and service.
2. Accessibility
We want to share with you everything we do on daily basis. That is the reason we are always at your service, thinking about new ideas and creating new dishes. We would like you to enjoy our unique atmosphere, whether you are on a business lunch, having an intimate evening, or relaxing time with your friends.
3. Diversity
Just like the great seafarer Magellan travelled the world in order to explore the new lands, here at Magellan restaurant we are always trying to explore the new flavours. With the innovation and variety of tastes we create, we offer you a tasty and nutritious meal that will simply make your day (or night) !