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Three things you need to try in Dubrovnik

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No matter whether you are in Dubrovnik for weekend or a week Magellan Dubrovnik is offering you a list of three things to do in Dubrovnik when it’s a matter of food & drink. It’s a short but important list, and believe us it could include at least a hundred things – but we, as locals, have listed just the basic ones to at least give you a start for your visit to Dubrovnik. Let’s have a look!

Magellan Dubrovnik tip number 1: Have a coffee – the Croatian way

First things first! In Croatia, especially in Dubrovnik, having coffee is important: having coffee is almost part of your lifestyle. Take your time and choose a place where you would like to pause and enjoy every sip. Really, in Dubrovnik if you didn’t spend at least half an hour having a coffee, it’s hardly been a proper visit! Take this seriously and put it high on your list of things to do in Dubrovnik. Coffee time, especially during winter could be almost endless. You know the famous phrase: when in Rome do as the Romans do! So, it’s the same in Dubrovnik. If you are in Dubrovnik, do as the locals do. At Magellan Dubrovnik you can also accompany your coffee with something sweet!
magellan dubrovnik

Magellan Dubrovnik tip number 2: Try some local Dubrovnik specialities

When we are talking about local specialties we’re not thinking only of seafood, but also about the creations of local chefs. For example, at Magellan Dubrovnik our chef makes a combination of local and other cuisines from all around the world, so you can certainly try sea bass, but also duck or lamb. Our chef Mate Bebek is always challenged to make new specialities based on local cuisine but with a touch of something attractive from the cuisines of the world.

Magellan Dubrovnik tip number 3: Taste the local wines

Croatia has a long history of wine production, so you will find here a few authentic types like white Pošip, Plavac Mali (little blue) or Malvasija. Peljašac is a particular heaven for wine – but then the whole Adriatic coast is rich in vineyards so it’s hard to recommend any one in particular; but our Magellan Dubrovnik staff will be sure to help you find the perfect combination of taste to go with our specialty. If you haven’t heard about Croatian wines before you will be delighted by the diversity. For many people it’s like discovering a hidden gem. So, don’t miss the opportunity to try the new tastes of Croatian wines.

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Only one thing to remember – it’s entirely your responsibility how much you will drink! 😊


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