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When it’s time for something sweet, it’s time is for Magellan Dubrovnik

magellan dubrovnik

No matter if you prefer savoury or sweet flavours we all have those moments in the day when we really want to have something sweet. At Magellan Dubrovnik we are well known for our chocolate soufflé, or as some would call it fondant or lava cake. When combined with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it’s impossible to say no. But apart from the famous Magellan Dubrovnik soufflé we would also like to recommend more treats from our dessert menu.

At Magellan Dubrovnik, you can try a choice of different desserts

On the list of favourite sweets, in addition to soufflé, we have to add warm apple pie. At first, you might think it’s just an ordinary traditional pie, as your grandma used to bake for you, but with us it’s a little different. Our Chef Mate Bebek accepted the challenge to make a new version of this traditional pie. It is served with vanilla ice cream and caramel, and it’s warm, and on your plate you’ve got a whole new apple pie experience! The taste of apples, the light pastry, ice cream and candy guarantee an irresistible combination of flavours.

One more recipe, an original one for lemon cake: this is more than just an ordinary lemon cake. In the Magellan Dubrovnik variant you will enjoy the extra pleasures of yoghurt ice cream and cocoa crumble. If you are already a lover of citrus flavours but want to add some exciting combinations you shouldn’t miss this one.

Delicious taste

Every day we have a choice of desserts. We like to combine ingredients according to what’s available in season. Our chef takes great pride in offering such desserts as pannacotta, mini bites, cheese-cake and some chocolate specialities.
For those who prefer cheese for desserts, we have a selection from agritourism Novaković.
One thing is sure, whatever your personal tastes you can’t go wrong. It’s not easy to describe flavours, but now you can at least begin to imagine what you can expect from our menu. At Magellan Dubrovnik, we are doing our best to explore new trends but also to preserve authenticity. So, when it’s time for something sweet it’s time for Magellan Dubrovnik.


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