5 Things You Should Know About Dubai’s Party Scene


Dubai is known for its amazing nightlife. With a number of bars and nightclubs that you can visit in the city, you will definitely experience a one-of-a-kind party adventure. But before you hit the bars and the nightspots, you need to keep yourself informed about certain things so you can help an amazing time, sans the trouble.

Here are five things that you should know when partying in Dubai.

  • There are themed parties


The Dubai party scene offers a one-of-a-kind party experience for locals and tourists. To level up the party experience, most bars and nightspots invite guests on their themed parties. These shindigs vary and would depend on what the bars have set up. You can experience a retro and groovy night with 80s’ themed party to fancier events where you have to dress up to the nines. Of course, there’s the usual ladies’ night for women who wants to have a great time in Dubai. Be sure to know what bars to look at for these themed parties.


  • You need to dress appropriately


Most bars have a strict dress code for guests who wants to go inside the premises. It would be best to know the type of outfits that would allow you entry to their premises. Do not try to be adventurous and impulsively go without checking. You might get lucky on some nights, but there is always a big chance that you will not allow entry due to inappropriate outfit.


  • Making a reservation is a must


Some clubs and bars prefer their guests to make early reservations to avoid overcrowding the space. As much as they want to accommodate everybody, these clubs also take into account the comfort and safety of their guests. Overcrowding can ruin the party experience of the guests. So if possible, make an early reservation, at least three days before. This would help you secure a spot, especially during nights when people are flocking the bars to gain entry.


  • Decency is the rule of thumb


Being rowdy and unruly when partying is not acceptable, especially in Dubai. Be sure to control yourself when you are attending events. Try to limit your alcohol intake and be sure that you are polite to people, even to the staff.


  • Enjoy the after-party life


Dubai has a lot to offer aside from parties. Try to have some after-party fun by having a nice cup of coffee after a night of dancing and fun.