What schools should have for children

Schools are not place to learn A, B and C. They are more than it. They are platforms where students are nurtured and groomed to become a better human who would be able to run this world and control the pace of this world. Therefore, it should have so many things. Do you want to know that it should?

Then read the article over here, given below.

  1. Books and library: It is not enough to have course books in schools for them. There is need to have other books too in schools because course books can give them limited information but other books can increase their creativity. It can give them a lot of knowledge and information which might be not related to course and syllabus but every piece of information has certain importance. Although, they cannot understand it at that time, they will understand it after sometime. 
  2. Play area: Studying and books cannot teach them everything completely. Students need some light source of learning too. And the best light source of learning is playing and activities. Try to establish play-area in school where they would be free to play their favorite indoor games. Besides, keep scrabble and carom too. Moreover, use playground too. Involve them in playing football and cricket. Furthermore, teachers can introduce other activities too like art and painting. They can introduce dance classes and yoga or karate as well. In this way, they will be more attracted towards learning and school. In return, it will improve their attendance and performance in class, as well, which would please teachers and parents, both, the most.
  3. Protection and security: Schools should have guards and security stuff to make sure that all teachers, students and other staff members are protected and secure, there is need to have fire extinguishers which could be used at times of danger. There is need to have safety harness and tarpaulin, suppliers should be contacted, so that school can be saved from rain and storms. Moreover, keep contact numbers of police stations and helpline numbers so that school can be protected urgently at the time of danger and need.
  4. Picnics and trips: Schools are required to build relation between teachers and students. And the easiest way to develop such relations is to arrange decent and small picnics for each class separately. In this way, they will have informal interactions with their teachers and this will make their relations stronger and better.